How It All Started

Some business ideas start with a solid business plan, unfortunately that is not how ours began.

We never intended to start a business, we only wanted to plan fun events with our friends. We also thought it would be funny (and obnoxious) to create a website explaining what the next fun thing we were planning was going to be. So, we purchased the domain you’re viewing this text on.

From annual Dodgeball tournaments to Camping trips, the only audience we ever intended would see our online pages were a small group of friends.

Then, we decided the next fun thing we would plan together would be a world record attempt. A new landing page on the website was created, and we sent it over to the City of Huntington Beach to see if they wanted in on the fun. To our surprise, they did. Horrified that they would not listen to our event idea if we were not a real business, we decided to become one.

After gathering hundreds of people on the Huntington Beach Pier in fruit and vegetable costumes we realized there were so many other people outside of our circle of friends who were willing to participate in the fun.

And for that reason, we’re still here. Welcome to the party.


Andrea Ramirez

Andrea Ramirez, Founder

Andrea has a unique blend of marketing expertise, event orchestration, non-profit experience, and an abundant amount of obnoxious ideas.

When those powers combined, her vision of creating memorable, charitable and ridiculous events became a reality.


Berlyn Gallardo,
Director of Marketing

Berlyn is a startup consultant passionate about all things groundbreaking, pivotal, and creative.

With a dynamic range of skills in marketing, project management, entrepreneurship, and branding she helps startups and small businesses scale at Go Startup Mode. She’s obsessed with innovating new ways to relentlessly pursue opportunities to help them grow.